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Apple -B

国籍: China

风格: Flow, Yin, Hot

授课语言: Chinese, English

  • Apple was the top sales in a media company. Yoga changes her life and makes her to understand more about herself. She has been traveling during the past 2 years to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe and Australia. She loves to study, practice and teach yoga all the way when traveling. It is a great experience of real peace, freedom and happiness when you bring your life into the continuous practice  with an open heart. Apple is an artist and cooking lover too. Her painting is about yoga theme, and she cooks great healthy vegetarian food. Painting and cooking are just like yoga, full of passion and creation. Be free of being alone and enjoy sharing with others. 
  • Yoga is worth practicing and sharing with a life time. Take it easy, we are always on the road.